Susan and Mark approached me earlier this year to achieve a refurbishment of four modern style, hi-tech bathrooms that would turn out to be one of the biggest projects I have taken on in my career.
With this project Mark my customer is some what of genius and whiz kid with technology so straight away up to date tech and spec was going to be involved in all of the bathrooms.
It was specified that all four of the hi-tech bathrooms required electrical outlets for speaker systems, illuminated mirrors, inset alcoves with lights and not forgetting charging points for all phones, toothbrushes and all other gadgets.
Toilets were going to be wired to fuse spurs as the toilets were SMART TOILETS with heated seats water jets and lights all built into the whole unit.
The main bathroom was to also have underfloor heating that was all to be controlled from the customers remote control.
First job was to remove the whole bathroom plus all of the floor substructure. It was apparent of quotation stage the floors would not support the tiles that the customer was supplying.
If the floor is not solid it will create flex and therefore the tiles will lift eventually.
All the tiles for this job were 1200mm x 500mm for the walls and 800mm x 500mm for the floors.
Not the average size tile but great to work with once we got going.
All the pipework was removed for each of the bathrooms including feeds to every appliance and all wastes to.
All wastes to each bathroom were upsized as we were adding to each bathroom more outlets than what was in originally and wanted to make sure the correct flow from each appliance was as adequate.
We added extra supports into to the bathrooms for the floors and boarded each bathroom with brand new 22mm floorboards.
The electricians then run in all the first fix from above to each new outlet ready for re-boarding the bathrooms.
Every single wall was boarded and prep ready for tiling or plastering in some parts (mainly just the apex of the ceilings which come down from the roof).
All of the wet decks, shower trays and bath were all the fitted into place so that the tiling could commence.
Tiling proceeded and went very well, we had to cut in all shapes and sizes of tiles to get these bathrooms to look that extra bit special.
We added 7 alcoves into the bathrooms all incorporating lights or illuminated mirrors with inset glass shelves.
The final finish was in sight after all the tiling was finished. We then used Grout 3000 which is an amazing grout to use and leaves hardly any smear afterwards therefore it polishes up perfectly.

All of the hi-tech bathrooms were second fixed with all the technology of a modern home being added into each individual bathroom.
The final finish was amazing and once again I have another family very happy that I still have been in contact with to sort more work with including the painting of every feature beam in the house.

As you will see Susan and Mark’s testimonial will be published on my website and social media.