Bathroom Refurbishment

In need of Modernisation?

With over 1,000 tile sizes, textures and colours to choose from, your choice of options have come a long way from the days when you’d have a handful to select from. 

Fittings commonly chosen for your kitchen sink or a public bathroom aren’t in our selection, we will reluctantly fit them but we’ll do everything we can to provide a better option. We love being proud of our work, as our customer, your satisfaction with the final product is as critical to us as being paid.

Modernisation refurbishment doesn’t need to cost a fortune it can be as simple as a re-grout or do enough to make it feel like a completely new space!

How smart is your bathroom? 

LED lights are pretty much standard with every new installation. Yes you can save money on electricity consumption and bulb replacement but there’s a lot more to discuss!

Kelvin doesn’t work for us! it’s the exact measure of yellow in your bulb. We’re not checking WhatsApp, we want to know that the wifi is within range for dimming and RGB control. When we ask about your bathroom routine we’re not judging, we’e setting up automation.

We install mirrors that are backlit, with a weather display, USB charging port whilst hiding a Sonos surround sound system.

Steam room showers that change colour with temperature, Toilets that are a bit to intimate!

We are scratching the surface with our technological statements, this is your bathroom and the possibilities are endless. 

Excellent work by professionals who respect your home. Liam turned up when he said he would, cleaned up at the end of each day and did a brilliant job. He gave us good advice and nothing was too much trouble. I would highly recommend him.
Carole Firth