Bathroom Emergency Repairs & Maintenance

General Maintenance can actually avoid the need for most repairs.

Not only is this a preventative measure for future more costly repairs, it often reduces utility consumption costs and it’s good practice in general. 

It stops the daily grind of that tap that needs a Vulcan death grip to turn it off, the shower head that fires everywhere but down, the plug that acts more like a strainer toilet that’s on a constant flush.

It illogical to think that a leak will fix itself.

The discolouration in your ceiling is caused by plaster/paint being saturated by water. This is either damp, a roof leak or a pipe leak – the first step is to identify the cause – let us help.

Over time, when building materials are saturated with liquid (especially if they dry then become resaturated), they start to deteriorate, the damage will spread and the problem severity and cost to rectify escalates. There is never a “good time” to spend money on unbudgeted costs, but there is a “good amount” to be spent – as little as possible (on the condition that it’s a full resolution).

Excellent work by professionals who respect your home. Liam turned up when he said he would, cleaned up at the end of each day and did a brilliant job. He gave us good advice and nothing was too much trouble. I would highly recommend him.
Carole Firth